12955 INKSTER ROAD  
                        LIVONIA, MI 48150  
                  TELEPHONE  734-266-6900  
                        FAX 734-266-6927  
1 All printed and verbal  information provided with the quotation process is CONFIDENTIAL.
2 You are being offered an opportunity to participate in the quoting process of Hi-Vol Products - Livonia Operations.
3 The quoting process is an opportunity for you to respond with a quotation with the understanding this is not a
    commitment by Hi-Vol Products - Livonia Operations to issue a purchase order.  
4 Hi-Vol Products - Livonia Operations is under no financial obligation when issuing or receiving a quotation.
5 A Purchase Order from Hi-Vol Products - Livonia Operations is the only document that authorizes a financial
    commitment.  Verbal authorizations are prohibited and unacceptable for placing Hi-Vol Products - Livonia
    Operations under any liability.      
6 All responses must be received by the due date unless prior approval is received from Purchasing.
7 All responses must be dated and identified with a unique quotation number.  
8 All prints and sketches are the property of Hi-Vol Products - Livonia Operations and are not to be used for any 
other purpose than quoting.      
9 Pricing must be held for the life of the part.      
10 The submitted quote must state your complete plant address and F.O.B. location.    
11 All quotes are to be based on information contained on the print provided.  No deviations permitted unless requested
    in writing by Supplier at the time of quote and authorized in writing by the Purchasing Manager.
12 Supplier must be able to handle up to 50 % volume increase with current equipment and operators.
13 Tools shall be maintained by supplier at the suppliers' cost for the life of the program. 
14 A level 3 PPAP that is requested on the quote must be a separate line item on the response.
15 The following documents must be furnished upon request:  the process flow, FMEA, control plan, number of pieces
   run per eight (8) hour shift, steel certs, and the steel vendor accreditation.  Any charges for these documents
   must be incorporated into the initial piece price.    
16 All suppliers are expected to supply parts with 100% on time delivery to Hi-Vol Products - Livonia Operations.
17 All suppliers are expected to supply parts to Hi-Vol Products - Livonia Operations  with ZERO defects.  
18 Hi-Vol Products - Livonia Operations Part Number must appear on all quotations and correspondence.
19 Every shipment to Hi-Vol Products - Livonia Operations must include a copy of the print.
20 Every shipment to Hi-Vol Products - Livonia Operations must have the Part Number, Print Number and Revisions
    on each container.        
21 Material(s) are required to be exactly as identified on the print provided.  
22 All purchased materials used in part manufacture shall satisfy current governmental and safety constraints (IMDS)
    on restricted, toxic and hazardous materials.      
23 All quotes must be in U.S. funds.